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Comfort Fare With Asian Flair

Savour homestyle favourites jazzed up with a creative Asian spin at CreatureS (120 Desker Road). Sporting a black exterior, the 3-month-old eatery is housed in a two-story shophouse in the heart of one of Singapore’s oldest red-light districts.

Opened by passionate local home cooks Dennis Chong and Chong Kok Keong, the restaurant’s name is the sum of two phrases – creature comfort and creature of habit – and exemplifies the duo’s aim of making the place “a habitat of creature comforts”.

The interiors exude a cosy, chic vibe, with homey touches in the form of plants in strategic corners and a pot of rosemary at the entrance, along with fresh-cut flowers on counters and on every table.

The laid-back dining area on the ground level has a bar-cum-dessert counter, concrete floors, white walls, hanging naked bulbs, black tables, and chairs plus a few wooden stools.

The larger doing space upstairs sports cool teal walls, a gold and black textured wall, dark wooden floors, shiny metal stools and metal back chairs. On cool evenings, enjoy drinks or your meal on the outdoor terrace which is decked in red chairs and tables, and watch the comings and goings in the back alley.

Foodwise, the menu showcases a moreish collection of the owners’ favourite dishes, amassed after decades of thoughtful cooking, all painstakingly prepared from scratch without using any artificial flavour enhancers.

Open up your palate with the Roast Duck and Pear Salad, which pairs Asian-style roast duck, mint, chilli, fried shallots and nam shui pears with butterhead lettuce. Melding all the ingredients together in an appetising plum sauce dressing and keropok (prawn crackers) which should be crushed and missed in for crunch and texture.

The freshly rolled Nyonya Ngoh Hiang (pork and prawn roll) and cuttlefish Kueh Pie Ti (petite crispy cups filled with strips of turnip, carrots, chilli, coriander and dried cuttlefish), presented on a wooden board, boast deep flavours, Eat these Peranakan favourites with the homemade sambal belachan (shrimp paste chilli) for that little extra kick.

Fans of fries must try the additive Asian Herb Fries, laced with turmeric, cumin and coriander powders and served with kaffir lime mayonnaise.

For a hearty main, go for the Zhu Burger where in stead of the usual beef patty, you get an XO cognac-marinated pork patty, layered with tomatoes, caramelised onions and lettuce, topped with cheese, sandwiched between buns and served with fries on a wooden board,

The Miso Cod and Ulam Onigiri, a crowd favourite, pairs cod that has been seasoned overnight with miso and plum sauce and then roasted, with rice balls mixed with herbs, dried shrimp and belachan-assam (shrimp-paste tamarind) paste and a cucumber salad dressed in plum sauce and calamansi juice. The rice balls are a Japanese take on the Malay herb rice called nasi ulam.

End on a sweet note with the scrumptious CreatureS Chocolate Cake, espresso chocolate sponge cake with dark chocolate frosting sprinkled with sea salt and served with homemade salted caramel and coconut ice cream. There’s also the Orh Nee (yam paste) Cake, which pays homage to the traditional Teochew yam and gingko nut dessert while the Durian Cake, made with the prized Mao Shan Wang durian and topped with pandanvanilla Chantilly cream, is a must for fans of the king of fruits.

Drinkswise, the bar serves specialty cocktails made with Asian ingredients such as gula melaka (palm sugar), lemongrass, galangalyuzu and emcee; bottled craft beers; and a curated wine list to match its east-meets-west far.

Tea lovers must try one of the Asian dessert-inspired blends, notably the Pandan Chiffon (roasted green tea, pandan [screwpine] leaves, osmanthus blossoms and cinnamon) and Mango Sticky Rice (genmaicza, black tea, roasted barley, mango dices and candied coconut).

If you prefer an iced-cold thirst quencher, go for the Lemongrass & Pandan, Dried Longan & Red Date or Watercress & Honey, which are common home brews in many Chinese households.

Award-winning modern Asian atmospheric dining enclave in Singapore.

Savour comfort on a plate in a habitat for creatures of habit. An uninhibited milieu built with an obsession for making life blissful.  A modern-day restaurant set in the culturally rich conservation area of Desker Road. Our hearty east-meets-west nosh comes with a twist – and without the MSG. Comfort food with an Asian flair while staying true to the origins of the dish – all to remind you of home and Eden, away from home.

120 Desker Road,
Singapore 209 639

Tel: +65 6291 6996


WEEKDAYS [Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday] - 5.00pm to 10.00 pm

Last Order:  Kitchen – 9.00 pm / Bar – 9.30 pm

WEEKENDS [Friday, Saturday & Sunday] - 12.00pm to 10.30 pm

Last Order: Kitchen – 9.30pm / Bar - 10.00pm

Weekends Double Seating:
1st seating - 6.00pm/6.30pm to 8.15pm
2nd seating - 8.30pm to 10.30pm

Closed on Mondays.

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All Rights Reserved © 2018 CreatureS

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